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Jaipur Pendant - Uneven Oval Stone Necklace - GOLD


Introducing the signature piece of LOTUS by Leslie Ann - the exquisite Jaipur Uneven Oval Necklace, where the journey of the renowned Jaipur collection began. Embodying timeless simplicity and elegance, this necklace complements the free-spirited woman who finds joy in life's adventures.

Choose from a curated selection of 22 gemstones, each holding personal meaning, allowing you to express your unique spirit through this captivating piece. Available in Sterling Silver and 22k Gold-filled, the Jaipur Necklace gracefully accentuates your natural beauty, adding a touch of grace and charm to any ensemble.

As the inaugural piece of the Jaipur collection, this necklace holds a special place in the heart of LOTUS by Leslie Ann, reflecting the essence of wanderlust and inspiring you to embrace life's remarkable journey.

"Natural stones can inspire us to embrace the beauty that come our way, and to trust in the wisdom of the universe to guide us along the way."

Craftsmanship is in the detail.

All of our pieces are handmade with love.  Each stone is cut, shaped, and polished to fit each design. All of our stones are natural and are of high quality. We use all natural precious and semi-precious stones. We use sterling silver (925) for ALL of our pieces. Our gold-plated pieces are made with a sterling silver base, which is then plated with 2 microns of 22 karat gold-plating, 4 microns of 24 karat gold-plating, or 4 microns of white gold-plating. 

Rose Quartz

Jaipur Pendant - Uneven Oval Stone Necklace - GOLD